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When a Satellite makes a pass and you lose that data, or you're losing $1,000,000 per day because your E-Commerce Datacenter is full of water, we understand that type of pressure and the demands these scenarios create. Our Maryland and Virginia based teams pride ourselves on knowing what to do to resolve these problems extremely fast, so you can get your critical processes back up and running. We also believe that building strong client relationships is incredibly important, and we work closely with our clients to engender complete trust. And when time is money, and time is always money, we react fast. There is no waiting or second guessing, we just act, and solve the problem as fast as humanly possible.
Why You should consider Petascale Computing: ​
  • We created the term Information Lifecycle Management in 2005.
  • +36 years IT experience.
  • Design, Deliver, Deploy, Sustain, and Retire/Recycle.
  • Chip Level, to 80,000 Slot Robotic Library Deployment.
  • East Coast Coverage, But We'll Fly Anywhere!
  • We Provide Almost Any IT services, Extraordinarily Fast
  • High Performance IT Analysis.
  •  Woman owned nonprofit design and delivery service. 
  • Our products are Rated #1.
We will listen to your vision and do everything in our power to create solutions that solve your business problems exactly as you see it.  We can work to strict deadlines or take on longer term projects that involve deeper thought.  Contact us today to discuss your vision, meet our team or get a quote. We look forward to working with you.” Best Regards, Scott Myers Petascale Computing.  @petascale #petascale scott@petascalecomputing.com
When and Where You Need It!

    Minority-Owned Small Business
Petascale Computing is a Minority Owned Small Business that specializes in providing technical and consulting services. Our primary focus is to provide best-in-class technology and business or mission process recommendations to derive the maximum IT efficiencies out of an organization’s hardware and software investments. Based on proven methodologies to map mission and business requirements to the right information technology solutions, the IntelliPeak Solutions team is able to provide quantifiable results throughout every engagement. We provide vendor- agnostic information technology recommendations and solutions that meet mission and business requirements with an additional analysis that reflects what the overall estimated Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is for the selected solution.
With over 35 years of information technology experience, Petascale Computing is uniquely positioned to provide the vendor-agnostic assistance, guidance, and recommendations that many customers require today in order to maximize the efficiencies derived from their information technology investments. Please give us a call or e-mail us to see how we can help you achieve the most measurable value from your IT investments, cloud strategies, or data center consolidation plans.
Areas of Expertise:
  •  Network & Security Assessment Services
  •  Data Center Architecture Services
  •  Modeling & Simulation Services
  •  Business Intelligence and Data Visualization Services  Hardware/Software Implementation Services
  •  Systems Integration Services
  •  Training Services​​
​When and Where You Need It!