2 Hour Mission Critical Design and Delivery Services for Federal, State, Education, and Commercial Customers
About Us

Petascale Computing is a Woman-Owned Startup,

Petascale Computing is a Minority woman-owned startup, and is one of the most, if not the most ecologically sensitive information technology businesses in the world.  We provide the #1 Gartner rated Pure Storage Flash Array(purestorage.com.) and provide technical and consulting services with a focus on providing best-in-class technology. Our converged infrastructure offerings derive the maximum efficiencies out of an organization’s hardware, software, and infrastructure investments. 

Lastly, Our Environmental offerings are thru Owl Metals Inc. Owl Metals is a DOD certified destruction-recycler for all of your recycled datacenter equipment, including the steel building itself!

Petascale Computing
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Glenelg, MD. 21737
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